Sikka Art Fair

For this year’s iteration of SIKKA Art Fair, under the curation of Too Far Co., we wanted to bring a fresh look into the often ineffable human fundamentals of life on the island kingdom.

With a varied and multi-disciplined collection of artists, we are shown an equally varied collection of hidden moments, vulnerability, mournful nostalgia and complex awareness of the strange emotional and physical displacement. All themes that find themselves as a common denominator in the works of the artistic community in Bahrain.

The congruency of the artworks lies in the heightened and eloquent manners of addressing the human condition in our modern climate.

Every artist in our exhibition boasts a different visual language: Mohammed Al Mahdi is the king of whimsical pastiche; Mai Al Moataz is articulate in phantasmal and haunting self-portraits; Ali Hussein Merza transforms benevolent objects to sullen poetry; Ghada Khunji plucks the world around her with the clicks of her camera, to create a montage of her inner musings; Jaffar Al Haddad congregates an entire community around his chair, Jaffar Al Oraibi professes the pain of injustice in abstraction; Nasser Al Zayani’s encapsulates the past disappearing from the planes of memory; and Mohammed Sharkawi’s minimalist forms capture youthful simplicities.