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Cheek to Cheek


Jenine Sharabi’s work explores how relationship and gender dynamics are formed by their surrounding culture. The resulting illustrative works are playful and visually compelling.

Her series “PDA” explores the social construction of public displays of affection –its ins and outs, its acceptability, and the expression of privacy or intimacy in public space. According to Sharabi, in the predominantly conservative context of Middle Eastern cultures, public displays of affection between a woman and a man are uncommon and often invite a great deal of attention when they do occur. She works with this irony in the series to provoke joyful interaction between her subjects, throwing into question the process of criticism and intrusion implied in the “PDA.”

Extract from “In the Open” Catalogue, 2013. Written by Emma Doubt

Product Description

Screen-prints signed and numbered by the artist. Each image is printed in an edition of 45 copies and 5 artists proofs. PDA was proofed and editioned by Thames Barrier Print Studio and Screen-printed in 6 colours on Somerset Velvet Radiant White 250gsm paper.


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